No big surprise that Apple came out in their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT with the new iPhone being the cornerston. The surprise – sort of – was found in the detailing of their new watch. Not much was said about the watch, but it’s Apple so it created plenty of buzz. What we were hoping for was something about television. Or whatever the medium reinvented by Apple might turn out to be.

Why television?

As an owner of Apple TV, you can see the beginnings of something great, but not yet fully developed. And with Netflix and Hulu, et al. changing viewing habits, it’s apparent that the entire medium is going to start changing in a big way and soon. While picture quality has vastly improved over the last few years, really, the technology of TV as a one-way medium hasn’t changed that much.

There has been talk about Apple taking the nice, but somewhat limited Apple TV to the next level, but so far not much more than a few anonymous software updates.

Where is the Next Big Thing (other than living in a tagline for Samsung)?

There will be a big Apple Event sometime soon where they MTV style blow up the TV. Be interesting to see what that is. I’m sure it’s going to be more impactful than a watch that would seem to duplicate most of what a phone/tablet can do.


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