S We use, and recommend, MailChimp for client email management. There are quite a few email systems out there that are pretty similar with regard to user friendly interfaces, and accessible templates that can customized to deliver nice looking emails that work well on all browsers, most notably mobile ones where more and more mobile obsessed people are getting their emails. What makes MailChimp different, and better, is their dedication to advancing their products in ways that are more robust, but still easy to use. The latest innovation from them is Snap.

Here is a bit about Snap, from MailChimp’s always helpful blog:

MailChimp Snap campaigns start with a photo. Grab one from your camera roll or your Instagram account, or take a new one with the app. Then write a short description of the product and provide a title for the campaign. You can add a URL from your online store to make the photo clickable, too. All 3 templates are mobile-focused and designed to showcase the product photo you’ve taken.

Once your campaign is ready, select a list and filter it by subscribers, or send to a segment you’ve already created. From there, it’s just like any other campaign.

While Snap might not be right for everyone – remember the right content in the right channel at the right time – Snap is a very cool evolution in email in that it brings some of what makes social work well, focused immediacy, and allows email marketers to use that in communications with audiences. It’s also a nice product in that it reaffirms the intelligence of simplicity in email marketing. Stats show more compact emails do better than busy ones, and nothing is more compact in email than a single topic.

It’ll be fun to test out the feature and see how it goes. It’s not hard to see this as possibly what all of email marketing could become – short, simple and highly focused bursts of communication that give audiences something very specific they’re interested in – and for businesses and marketers a focused call to action that should (hopefully) be acted upon.


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