How Did You Get Here?

We imagine you're either looking to start up marketing efforts to build awareness and revenue, or someone doing that for you now isn't meeting your expectations.

Our marketing expertise building websites, creating content and collateral, and running advertising programs of all kinds has helped advance the agendas of companies large and small, local and international.

Whether it’s getting someone up and running, or fixing broken websites or marketing programs, our efforts produce results that beat expectations. Everything we do comes with complete accountability through reporting, analytics and constant communications

If someone is wasting your time and money, let us help. If you’re just getting started, let us help before anyone lets you down.

Websites, marketing, social, search, video, copy, photography & PR is what we do and here is the process we follow to success:

Step One

01. Research

Strategic planning and consulting begins with establishing success metrics that must be established. If you’re already moving forward with marketing efforts, we’ll come in and optimize your efforts and set up new metrics.

Step Two

02. Planning

We have success taking brands and make it come alive in the correct promotional platforms. We can also help you develop a conversion-focused online presence that take leads and turns them into clients.

Step Three

03. Creative

A critical part of marketing efforts comes in form the the creative that people will interact with including copy, photos and videos – all part of messaging developed to influence and inspire to action.

Step Four

04. Promotion

Once a plan is in place the time comes to select the proper avenues for promotion, which can include traditional media, search marketing as well as social and email marketing.

Step 5

05. Execution

Once the plan, creative and ad channel selection is complete, it’s time to execute the plan. Transmission will do this for you, while working closely with you so you know exactly what’s going on at all times.

Step 6

06. Optimization

Determining how effective efforts are, with regard to your return on investment, comes with monitoring and measurement services that let you know exactly how well you’re doing, as well as ways in which your efforts can improve.

How We've Helped Clients and Businesses

Learn more about successes we’ve had in our efforts on behalf of clients and employers, including increase revenues by nine figures in two years and increasing online donations by 30% in a single year.

Let's Get Started.

So that’s our story.

Call us at 702-292-7025 or use our form to we can hear your story and figure out a plan to help.